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About Us

The Mintra team has a personal interest in the success of PulseChain and PulseX. Our mission is to help make PulseChain as successful as possible.

Mintra was created after several in-person conversations with Richard Heart. After discussing the idea of an NFT project with Richard, he inspired us to create an NFT Marketplace for PulseChain. So, rather than sitting around waiting for others to create this project, we decided to do it ourselves. We knew the road ahead of us would be challenging, however we also understand that if there were no projects built on PulseChain it gives little reason to believe there will be much adoption or demand for it.

To date we have already invested a considerable amount of time and capital on this project. We are a team of like-minded crypto people that all have the same goal in mind. 

Thank you for being here and we will all win together as a team of Pulsicans.

The main goal of Mintra is to become the greenest NFT marketplace, premiere NFT marketplace on PulseChain, and become one of PulseChain's premiere onboarding tools - a place where users can create, discover, buy & sell NFT’s on PulseChain.


Meet The Team

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